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We produce eggs in various sizes. These sizes are 600g, 660g, 720g, 840g. Super Jumbo and family pack sizes. The 600g, 660g, 720g and 840g are packed in dozen packs as well as in tray packs containing 30 eggs per tray. Ram Sami egg cartons.The dozen packs are usually sold in the supermarkets, while the tray packs are supplied to hotels, corner shops, municipal markets,
restaurants and canteens.

Pasteurized Eggs

Pasteurized eggs are in liquid form and are packed in 10kg packs. This is usually supplied to Air Terminal Services and to hotels that
use them for preparation of large quantities of Egg Omelets.

Live Chicken

Live chickens are sold at the end of their production cycle. These are bought and consumed by a large number of people in Fiji. These live chickens are used in preparing a number of delicious meals such as chicken palau, Chicken Curry and even Lovo.

Grower Pellet

Grower Pellets are formulated for young polutry, designed speciafically to help support steady growth and sexual maturity. Poultry Grower Pellets are produced in pallets form to avoid feed wastage. Suitable for all poultry as a free choice feed, may also be fed as a restricted feed if required.
Grower Pellets are recommened to be fed from 6-8 weeks of age until the onset of lay, normally between 20-24 weeks of age, when you can start to feed layers pellets to your chciken.
Before changing to layer pellets, it is preferrable to mix the layers pellets with the grower pellets to gradually introduce them over a space of week. 

Poultry Manure

Poultry manure, properly handled, is the most valuable of all manures produced by livestock. It has historically been used as a source of plant nutrients and as a soil amendment. However, in areas of intense poultry production, overfertilization of pasture land with poultry manure occurs. The result is suspected ground water and surface water problems as excess nutrients run off the land or leach into ground water supplies.


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